The Importance of the Double-sided PCB In The Circuit Board


Double-sided PCB is mainly to solve the complex circuit design and area restrictions, on both sides of the board to install components, double line.

As to which areas to apply, as long as the circuit board of electrical appliances can be used, but because the single panel and double-sided board, Single-layer and multi-layer cost is different, the face and layer more cost higher. So designers will generally meet the requirements of assembly, at the lowest cost calculation.

The double-sided PCB is an important PCB board in the circuit board, his use is very big, Double PCB see a board PCB board is not double-sided PCB is also very simple, I believe that the Friends of the single panel of the understanding is completely can be grasped, double-sided PCB is the extension of single-sided plate, Double PCB meaning is not enough to use the line to turn to the opposite side, The double-sided circuit board also has the important characteristic is has the conduction pass hole. The simple point is two-sided walk line, both sides have the line!

Two-sided PCB drawing circuit diagram

1, there are a variety of dedicated PCB mapping software, such as Protel, you can draw multi-layer (including double-sided) circuit board diagram, double-sided PCB between the position is aligned, and there is a hole between the layers of the line connectivity, to achieve cross wiring, convenient typesetting. After typesetting, Double PCB it can be made into a special circuit board for a professional board factory.

2, double-sided PCB to be drawn in turn into circuit schematic diagram, can be divided into two steps. The first step: first of all the main components such as IC symbols according to the position of the circuit board to draw on the paper, the various feet and peripheral components appropriate layout and painting, Double PCB to complete the sketch. The second step: analyze the principle, according to the habit of drawing up the circuit diagram. Also can use the circuit schematic diagram software, platoon the component to carry on the connection, then uses its automatic typesetting function to arrange.

Double-sided circuit boards on both sides of the line to accurately position, you can use tweezers two point positioning, hand electro-optic transmission, multimeter multimeter supplier measurement, such as the method to determine the solder joints and lines of connectivity and direction, when necessary, Double PCB to remove the components to observe the following line direction.