Multilayer Circuit Board Applications Are Becoming More Common


As a fpc circuit board, multilayer circuit board in the electronics industry is now more and more widely used. Now, with the gradual application of the computer after the high demand for the function, making the wiring capacity, transmission characteristics of a good demand for multi-layer circuit board.

Reference to the production of multi-layer circuit board method, multi-layer circuit board is generally done by the inner layer of graphics, and then printed etching method made of single or double-sided substrate, and into the specified layer, and then heated, To be bonded. In fact, Multilayer PCB these basic production methods and back to the 1960s did not change the number of methods, but with the material and process technology more mature, attached to the characteristics of multi-layer circuit board has become more diverse.

Compared to other forms of circuit boards, multilayer circuit boards can increase the number of wiring layers, thus increasing the design flexibility; due to the high assembly density, the connection between the components to reduce, thus improving the reliability. In addition, Multilayer PCB the device can also set the circuit, magnetic circuit shielding, and metal core heat dissipation to meet the shielding, cooling and other special functional needs.

In short, with the continuous development of electronic technology, especially large-scale and ultra-large scale integrated circuit of extensive and in-depth application, fpc series of multi-layer circuit board is rapidly to high density, high precision, high-level digital development of the emergence of fine lines , Multilayer PCB Small aperture through, blind hole buried hole, high plate thickness ratio and other technologies to meet the needs of the market.

With the VLSI, electronic components of the miniaturization, high accumulation of progress, multi-layer circuit board with high-direction circuit with high-direction forward, so the demand for high-density lines, high wiring capacity, The electrical characteristics (such as Crosstalk, the integration of impedance characteristics) are more stringent. The popularity of the multi-foot part and the surface mount component (SMD) makes the shape of the circuit board pattern more complex, the conductor lines and the smaller pore size, Multilayer PCB and the development of high multilayer circuit boards (10 to 15 layers) atmosphere. The latter half of the 1980s, in order to meet the needs of small, lightweight high-density wiring, small hole trend, 0.4 ~ 0.6 mm thick thin multilayer circuit board is gradually popular. Punch processing to complete the parts of the hole and shape. In addition, Multilayer PCB a small number of diverse production of products, the use of photoresist to form a pattern of photography.

High-power amplifier - substrate: ceramic + FR-4 plate + copper base, layer: 4 layer + copper base, surface treatment: immersion gold, features: ceramic + FR-4 plate mixed laminated, with copper-based crush.