Double-sided PCB: The Extension Of Single-sided Plate


Both sides of the double-sided circuit board (double-sided boards) have wiring. However, to use the two sides of the wire, you must have the appropriate circuit between the two sides to connect. The "bridge" between the circuits is called a guide hole (via). The guide hole is on the PCB, fills or spreads the metal the small hole, it may connect with the two sides the conductor. Because the two-sided PCB area is a lot larger than the single panel, Double PCB and because the wiring can be interlaced with each other (can go around the other side), it is more suitable for use in more complex than the single panel on the circuit.

In strict sense, double-sided circuit board is a very important PCB board, his use is very large, see a board PCB is not double-sided PCB is also very simple, I believe that the Friends of the single panel of the understanding is completely can be grasped, double-sided PCB is the extension of single-sided, Double PCB It means that the line of single-sided board is not enough to turn to the opposite side, the double-sided circuit board also has the important characteristic is has the conduction pass hole. The simple point is two-sided walk line, Double PCB both sides have the line! A word is: double-sided line of the board is double-sided PCB! Some friends will ask such as a board double-sided line, but only one side has electronic parts, such a board in the end is double-sided PCB or single panel it? The answer is obvious, such a board is double-sided PCB, just on the double-sided PCB board on the plate on the parts.

The double-sided PCB relates to the technical field of PCB, especially to the technical field of flexible printed circuit board. In order to solve the complicated process of the traditional flexible circuit, it is easy to appear the deficiency welding and the defect which is only suitable for the passing of the small current, Double PCB and the front and back of the circuit board are provided with the conductive layer formed by etching by copper clad laminate or aluminum cladding plate. The characteristic is that the conductive layer of the positive conductive layer and the back is provided with a pass hole formed by the puncture mode in the position where the conduction pass is needed. Double PCB The utility model is puncture-piercing, the conductivity of the component surface and the back of the conductive layer is fast and convenient, which saves a lot of complicated processes and improves the production efficiency.

Two-sided PCB drawing circuit diagram

1, there are a variety of dedicated PCB mapping software, such as Protel, you can draw multi-layer (including double-sided) circuit board diagram, multi-layer between the position is aligned, Double PCB and there is a hole between the layers of the line connected to achieve cross wiring, convenient typesetting. After typesetting, it can be made into a special circuit board for a professional board factory.

2, double-sided PCB to be drawn in turn into circuit schematic diagram, can be divided into two steps. The first step: first of all the main components such as IC symbols according to the position of the circuit board to draw on the paper, the various feet and peripheral components appropriate layout and painting, Double PCB to complete the sketch. The second step: analyze the principle, according to the habit of drawing up the circuit diagram. Also can use the circuit schematic diagram software, platoon the component to carry on the connection, Double PCB then uses its automatic typesetting function to arrange.

Double-sided two sides of the line to accurately position, you can use tweezers two-point positioning, hand electro-optic transmission, multimeter measurement and other methods to determine the solder joints and lines of connectivity and direction, when necessary, to remove the components to observe the following line direction.