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Best Technology, established on June 28, 2006, is a Hong Kong registered company who focuses on flexible PCB manufacturing and assembly service. Since BEST begins to act as a printed circuit board (PCB) vendor in Asia, we are dedicated to be your best partner of advanced, high-precision flexible PCB. What we provide is not only flexible PCB manufacturing, but also including flexible PCB duplicating, Engineering & process design, components management & sourcing solution, flexible PCB in house assembly & full system integration, surface mounted technology (SMT).

Printed Circuit Board Quality Guarantee

All the flexible PCB strictly follow the operation procedures stipulated in ISO9001:2000 in respect to material purchasing, product manufacturing, testing, packing, marketing, etc. All the order placed with us is money-refund-guaranteed.


State of the Art Technology and Big Capability

Most of our engineer and operators has more than ten years of experience in PCB industry, so we can produce special such as flexible PCB with 10 layers., etc. At the same time, we purchased many advanced, state of the art machines & devices for PCB manufacturing, checking, to improve the quality of our boards.



Currently our monthly productivity is 260,000 square feet (28,900 square meter), more than 100 different boards will be completed. We can also provide fast service, and urgent boards can be shipped out within 24 hours!

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